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geier's designs
Counted Cross Stitch Links

Sites marked with -F claim to have Free Charts

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  1. 1~2~3 Stitch  Leaflets, kits and fabric
  2. 2Busy Stitching  Home based Needle Art design and publishing
  3. Ability  Cross stitch links by category.(UK)
  4. A.C.C.I  Association of Craft and Creative Industries
  5. A Good Point  Needlepoint Tools, Supplies, Collections, Designs, Classes and Events
  6. Aion -F  Christine-Ann Martin's designs, user group for IL Soft's X-Stitch Designer software, UK stitching info.(UK)
  7. All Stitched Up  Online secure catalog for cross stitch supplies, fabrics, fibers, beads and designs
  8. Allyson’s Needlecraft  Counted cross stitch designs(AUS)
  9. Artistry in Stitching  The NeedleArts Mall - Shop Index
  10. Aurelia's Attic  Original Fantasy Cross-Stitch Designs


  11. Barb's Index of Cross Stitch  Comprehensive Index by Subject of Cross Stitch Charts.
  12. Beading Links Page  Retail and wholesale beads and beading supplies.
  13. Benchin' Software Review  Reviews of needlework software
  14. Black Swan Designs  Creates counted cross stitch designs
  15. Blackwork Embroidery Archives -F  Blackwork patterns by Paula Katherine Marmor
  16. Books by Sandy Rodgers  Needlework Tips for the Novice and Expert
  17. Bucilla Needlecrafts  Needlecrafts since 1867


  18. CameoRoze’s Stitcher Studio  Resource for cross-stitch enthusiasts
  19. Canopia Accessories  for Cross Stitch & Needlework, Footstools etc
  20. Canvas Creations  Things nautical and needle-made
  21. Carolina Country House  Original needlework designs
  22. C.D.A.  Charted Designers of America
  23. Celtic Cross Stitch -F  Celtic and Irish cross stitch designs. Free chart generator to produce charts of words in celtic script.(Ireland)
  24. Charles Craft  The most popular aida fabric sold in America
  25. Chatelaine -F  Needlework designs by Martina Weber.(Germany)
  26. Cherry Tree  Cross stitch kits of cats and cars, blackwork kits(UK)
  27. Cirencester Needlecrafts  Cross stitch, Needlepoint and Tapestry
  28. C.M.Barr's Designs -F  Cross Stitch, Free Charts(USA)
  29. Coca-Cola™ Cross Stitch Kits  Kits
  30. Cochenille Design Studio  Stitch Painter software for Mac, PC and Amiga
  31. Cottons and Crafts  Kits and Accessories
  32. Counted Embroidery Patterns from Before 1600 -F  The Outlaw Press Catalog
  33. Cottage Creek Cross Stitch  Charts, kits, and services
  34. Count your Blessings  Cyber-shop
  35. Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery  Kathleen Dyer's Page. Information about resources for needlework, embroidery, counted cross stitch, Hardanger, needlepoint and other forms of stitchery
  36. Country and Colonial Stitches -F  Needlework designs by Jean Chase Farnum.(USA)
  37. Couture's Cross Stitch Place  Tips, Tricks, Help and Links
  38. Covered Crossings Stitchery  Design chart packs
  39. Crafted Software Australia -F  Produces StitchCraft (PC based program). Free charts and chart viewer.(AUS)
  40. CraftNet Village  Delivering crafting business to the internet
  41. CraftSoft Inc. -F  Tools and accessories. (Canada, USA)
  42. Creative Concepts  Stitch Designs
  43. Creative Hand Shoppe  Leaflets, Kits, Supplies, Specialty Items
  44. Crochet Indian Designs -F  Free monthly cross stitch chart
  45. Cross Country Stitching  Magazine, leaflets, fabrics
  46. Cross My Heart Inc.  Leaflets, books and kits
  47. Cross Stitch  Free patterns for Pattern Maker and FAQ's from r.c.t.n.
  48. Cross Stitch Destiny  
  49. Cross Stitch Gallery  Bi-monthly magazine from Creative Crafts Publishing
  50. Cross Stitch Pals  Chat, groups, message board
  51. Cross Stitch: The People, The Stores, The Software  Chris O'Donnell's site
  52. Cross Stitch Traders  Trade charts. Bulletin Board
  53. Cross Stitch Wonders  
  54. Cross Stitchers Heaven  Pen pals and clubs list you can join over the internet
  55. 'Cross the Lilliebridge  We design, publish and distribute our own cross stitch leaflets
  56. Custom Cross-Stitch -F  Sells cross stitch and needlework supplies. (USA)


  57. Dancing Needle  Counted Thread Samplers
  58. Dakota Winds  Native American Crafts
  59. de la Tour Designs  Designs
  60. Dennisart  Designs
  61. Designs by Attenhofer  Designs
  62. Designs by Nanci  Designs
  63. DMC International -F  The embroidery floss and needlework thread company.
  64. DMC USA -F  The embroidery floss and needlework thread company has a Shopper's Checklist and free charts. (USA)
  65. Douglas Designs -F  Original designs in charts, books and kits. They also sell accessories and supplies. (USA)
  66. Dragon Dreams Inc. -F  Counted cross stitch designs of Jennifer Aikman-Smith. The "Dragon's Den" page has a couple of her designs for free. (Canada)
  67. Dutch Treat Needlecrafts  Retail sales - Livermore California


  68. EA Creativity Page  Some links
  69. Elegant Stitch  Online shopping
  70. Ellen Maurer-Stroh Cross Stitch Designs -F  Floral and Christmas designs with an old fashioned feel.(Austria)
  71. Pam Ellis's Place  "In search of.." page for help finding charts.
  72. Elsa -F  Cross stitch (in Spanish).(Spain)
  73. Embroiderer's Association of Canada, Inc.  To encourage and promote the art of embroidery...
  74. Evening Star Designs  Quilting and Needlework
  75. EWE-nique Stitches  Retail Store - Chattanooga, TN
  76. Examplar's Stitching Page  Samplers
  77. Exotic Counted Cross Stitch Patterns  Exotic Bird patterns


  78. F.A. Edmunds Co.  Frames, hoops, stands...
  79. Fabrics to You  Cross stitch fabrics
  80. Faces Cross Stitch and Needlepoint  Designs
  81. Faces~Petstitch Online  Birds and Animals
  82. FAHS Cross-Stitch and Needlepoint Designs  Designs
  83. Fancywork  Over 10,000 books, leaflets and patterns, plus fabrics
  84. Faye's Cross Stitch Mermaids -F  Mermaid charts
  85. Featherstone  Photo-to-chart. Graphics Intensive!
  86. Flying Fingers  Photo-to-chart.
  87. Free Stuff For Crafters -F  Lists free and postage only crafting, cross-stitch, painting and sewing offers.
  88. Free Stuff Links For Crafts and Needlework -F  Free stuff links.
  89. Friendstitch  Retail store. Savage, MD
  90. From the Heart  Retail store. Virginia Beach, VA
  91. From Tracey's Table -F  General info.
  92. Fulford Software Solutions  Easy Cross Software


  93. Gavial -F  Needlepoint tapestry and cross stitch designs. (UK)
  94. Geier's Designs -F  Photos and files to charts. Nine lighthouse charts. Free angel pattern.(USA)
  95. Gilded Pearl  Embroidering a Blackwork Coif
  96. Graceful Touch Designs -F  Cross stitch and sampler designs. (USA)
  97. Graphs by Barbara and Cheryl  Designs
  98. Green Apple Co. Inc.  Designs
  99. Green Mountain Hand Dyed Linen  using natural materials --bugs, plants, nuts, and roots


  100. Hands to Work  Designs
  101. Karen M. Hankla Designs  Lighthouses - US/Canada - East Coast
  102. Harbor View Designs  Original designs and photo-to-chart
  103. Hard to Find Needlework Books  Books
  104. Hartley Designs  Designs
  105. Heart in Hand -F  Designs
  106. Heart to Hand -F  Lessons
  107. HeartBlossoms -F  Notes and charts from online classes.
  108. Heather Saunders  Original designs and photo-to-chart (UK)
  109. Hens Nest  Local Shop. Salem, OR
  110. Heritage Shoppe -F  Devoted to surface embroidery, smocking and heirloom sewing. There is a guide to embroidery stitches.
  111. Herrschner's  Online shop
  112. Hobby Ware  Cross-Stitch Designer and Pattern Maker site. Download free trial.
  113. Hoffman Distributing  Wholesale. Has nice shop locator.
  114. Holder Design  Designs (Germany)
  115. Holly House Designs  Designs
  116. Hook n' Needle  Online shop


  117. I Love Needlework Fair  
  118. IL SOFT   X-Stitch Designer software
  119. Indian River Chapter Library  
  120. Insignia Cross Stitch Patterns  
  121. I.N.R.G.  International Needleart Retailers Guild
  122. In the Stitch of Time  
  123. IVC Bulletin Board  


  124. Jane Greenoff
  125. Janlynn
  126. Jazzbird Designs
  127. Jill Oxton's
  128. JoAnn's -F
  129. Johanna's Embroidery Stitch Diagrams
  130. Joyce Miller's Embroidery Page -F  Charts for counted thread designs from the medieval period.
  131. Julie Oliver's Cross-Stitch Patterns -F  Free Australian cross-stitch patterns
  132. Just Nan


  133. Karen's Cross Stitch Frame Page
  134. Kids Cross-Stitch
  135. Kind Stitchworks
  136. Kitty and Me Country Crafts -F  Cross stitch designs, usually of a seasonal nature, by Pamela Kellog.(USA)
  137. KJ Kreations -F  Specializes in small cross stitch patterns of birds and animals.(USA)
  138. Kreinik
  139. Kruissteek Belgies(Cross Stitch Belgium)


  140. Lacis
  141. Lattuca Designs
  142. Lazy Daisy
  143. Learning to Cross Stitch
  144. Let's ask Shay
  145. Life's A Stitch ~ stitchwork by ronda richards
  146. Lisa Anthony
  147. Lighthouse cross-stitchery  More Lighthouse charts.
  148. Lisa Overduin Designs -F  Cross stitch designs. (Canada)
  149. Lone Deer - Sonagolees Designs
  150. Lorri Birmingham Designs
  151. Lorrac Designs Inc. -F  Counted cross stitch, hardanger, and needlework designs.(USA)


  152. M&R Technologies, Inc. -F  PCStitch For Windows.(USA)
  153. Madeira  
  154. MagicStitch  MagicStitch software
  155. Mar B. Habáns Designs -F  Cross stitch designs by Mar B. Habans.(Spain)
  156. Marnie's Crewel Studio, Inc.  
  157. Martha Beth Lewis -F  Tips, charts and pictures.
  158. Martial Arts  
  159. Mary Engelbreit Cross-Stitch  
  160. Mary Maxim  
  161. Mau's Place  
  162. McIntosh Samplers  
  163. Melissa and Judy's Cross Stitch page  
  164. Melonie's Craft and Frames  
  165. Memories to Keep  
  166. Michelle's Free Cross Stitch Patterns -F  
  167. Michelle's World  
  168. Mickey's Cross Stitch and Needlework Resources  
  169. Milestone Designs  
  170. Millennia Designs  
  171. Mill Hill Beads Web Site  
  172. Mirabilia  
  173. Mouse's Cross Stitch Corner  
  174. Ms. Lindy  
  175. Mufu's Rabbitry and Cross Stitch  Tarot patterns - Motherpeace, Waite, Cat People - fantasy, fairies, religious and custom designs.(USA)
  176. Mystery Projects  


  177. Nancy's Cross Stitch Links  
  178. Nancy Spruance Designs -F  Victorian house designs.(USA)
  179. Naunet's Cross Stitch and Needlework Gallery  
  180. NeedleBeedle  
  181. Needlecraft Book Club  
  182. Needlecraft Creator  Software, Mac or PC
  183. Needlecraft Showcase Chat and BBS -F  Free charts and online chatting.
  184. Needle Necessities  
  185. Needle Weaving by Ruth  
  186. Needlepoint & Cross-stitch from Amybear -F  Stitch guides, Fancy stitches, Cross-stitch Kits, Secure ordering, Free chart offer.(USA)
  187. Needlework  
  188. Needlework Corner  
  189. Needlework Gazette  
  190. Needlework Links  Links by category
  191. Needlework Index  
  192. Needleworker Magazine  
  193. Needleworks  
  194. NEWLIZZY's  
  195. New Thought Designs  
  196. Nick and Ann Designs -F  Needlepoint, cross stitch and sampler designs.(UK)
  197. Nordic Needle  
  198. Nordic Needle  
  199. Nostalgia Needlework -F  Designs by Teresa Reynolds.(UK)


  200. Offe's Cross Stitch -F  Åsa Olofsson. Free charts of some of her designs.
  201. Julie Oliver


  202. Pagen Consulting -F  Malathar's Dragons in cross stitch. Photo-to-chart.(Australia)
  203. Pam's Needlework Page
  204. Paw Prints  
  205. PCStitch  PCStitch software for Windows
  206. Pegasus Publishing  
  207. Pegasus Originals, Inc.  
  208. Peggy's Custom Charted Designs -F  Original designs and photo-to-chart.(USA)
  209. Perfect Handwork Ltd.  Cross stitchers sell supplies to other cross stitchers and photo-to-chart
  210. PhotoStitch  Photo-to-chart
  211. PMJ FiberFarm -F  Designs by Peggy Thomas (USA)
  212. Pocket Full of Stitches  
  213. Pooh Bear's Cross Stitch  
  214. Possibilities  
  215. Anne Powell Ltd  
  216. Precision Cross Stitch Designs  Original designs and photo-to-chart
  217. Purple Needle  


  218. Quick and Easy Cross stitch


  219. Rainbow Gallery -F  Producers of specialty fibers.(USA)
  220. Reflections of Paula Vaughan  
  221. Reflexions and Cross Purposes  
  222. Ripley's -F  Original designs and photo-to-chart(USA)
  223. RMD Inc  
  224. Rachal M. Roberts - Hobby Haven  
  225. Robin's Nest Designs  Original designs and photo-to-chart
  226. RoGrafiX  
  227. Roser Lanzo  
  228. Ruth Spolton -F  Illustrated resource taking you from beginner to expert stitcher. Tips and free chart


  229. SAINT-TO-CLAUS Series of antique Santas
  230. Sallys Sewing Basket
  231. Salt and Pepper
  232. Sandy's Needle Nook
  233. Samurai Productions
  234. Serendipity Designs
  235. Sewing World
  236. Shakespeare's Peddler
  237. Shepherd's Bush
  238. Shepherd's Bush Fans ~ Bulletin Board
  239. Silver Threads Ltd.
  240. Singapore Cross-Stitch Needlecraft School and Shop
  241. Sharon's Needlework Stitch Dictionary
  242. Sip n' Stitch
  243. Skyhook's
  244. Something in Common Designs
  245. Specialty X-Stitch Unlimited
  246. Spiders Web Cross Stitch Kits
  247. Spirit Of Cross Stich
  248. Stacy's Place
  249. Steph's -F  Free needlework charts, information about tatting and lace making.(UK)
  250. Stitch Direct
  251. Stitch Hiker from the Kootenays
  252. Stitch Niche -F  Cross stitch, needlepoint and knitting supplies and accessories.(USA)
  253. StitchCraft Corner  Supplies, accessories and photo-to-chart
  254. Stitchin'Post& Frame Shop
  255. Stitch-art -F  Original cross designs from many designers. Organizers of the "3rd Millennium Digital Round Robin."(Italy)
  256. Stitch-It
  257. Stitch-N-Chat
  258. Stitch of Time
  259. Stitcher E-mail Pals
  260. Stitchers@ABQ -F  Cross stitch and needlepoint supplies. Free charts in their catalog section. Conversion chart for DMC and Anchor floss to Paternayan yarn. (USA)
  261. Stitchers Delights -F  Cross stitch designs by Deborah Lester and Sandra Littlejohns. Cross stitch supplies.(UK)
  262. Stitchers Paradise
  263. Stitchery Nook
  264. Stitches 'N Things
  265. Stitches to Go
  266. Stitch Me
  267. Stitching Pretty Ltd.
  268. Stitch Stuff -F Cross stitch and other embroidery.(UK)
  269. Stoney Creek
  270. Sue Lentz Needlework -F  Samplers, cross stitch, Hardanger, beads.(USA)
  271. Sudberry House
  272. SundanceNeedleworks


  273. Tattach Designs -F  Southwestern and native-american style counted cross stitch designs by Lori Black.(USA)
  274. Teddy Bears in Stitches  
  275. Thai Cross Stitch  
  276. That Special Touch  
  277. Thea Dueck Designs  
  278. The Artists Needle  
  279. The Athelstane Stitcher's News  
  280. The Bead Fairies  
  281. The Beadworker  
  282. The Blackwood House  
  283. The Branwell/Brontë Samplers  
  284. The CARON Collection -F  Manufactures specialty threads and hand-dyed variegated threads.(USA)
  285. The Crafts Fair Online  
  286. The Cross Stitcher -F  Published by Clapper Communications Companies, includes their Stitcher's Boutique and their Classifieds. (USA)
  287. The Cross Stitching Girl  
  288. The Cross Stitch Zone  
  289. The Drawn Thread  
  290. The Embroiderer's Guild of America  
  291. The Jantzen's Cross-stitch downloads  
  292. The Japanese Embroidery  
  293. The Mining Company  
  294. The Needlecrafter's Computer Companion  By Judy Heim. Includes two disks of software.
  295. The Needleworker -F  For lovers of beautiful handwork (USA)
  296. The Petit Point Gallery  
  297. The Quarterstitch  
  298. The Royal Gallery  
  299. The Scarlet Letter  
  300. The Sewing Basket Kit Company  
  301. The Stitcher's Secret Pal  
  302. The Stockert Family Cross Stitch page  
  303. The Stitch Niche  
  304. The Stitchers Habit  
  305. The Stitchers Mill  
  306. The Stitching Post  
  307. The Stitchworks  
  308. The Talented Troll  
  309. The TapDancing Lizard -F  Stitching, beading and knitting charts.(USA)
  310. The Threaded Needle  
  311. The Quarter Stitch  
  312. The Webstitcher's Sourcebook  
  313. Thistle Needleworks  
  314. Thumbelina Needlework  
  315. T.N.N.A  The National Needlework Association
  316. Told In a Garden -F  Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum's "Told in a Garden", "Lavender & Lace", and "Butternut Road" designs, has free christmas angel charts, one chart for each year starting with 1986. There is also a page listing alternate skin colors.
  317. Tomorrow's Treasures  
  318. Tracey's Table  
  319. Transgraphx  Plastic grid to help convert photo-to-chart
  320. Treetrunk Designs  Lighthouse Alphabet and other Lighthouse charts
  321. Trish's Creations  
  322. Tuggy™ Craft  


  323. Uniquex by Neise -F  Cross stitch designs from Denise Rojek. (USA)
  324. Ursa Software  X-Stitch Master software
  325. Ursula Michael  


  326. Valentines -F  Cross stitch, quilling and the lost art of letter writing.
  327. VanCastle Creations
  328. Paula Vaughan Stitchers
  329. Vermillion Stitchery
  330. Villages Classified Cross Stitch Books


  331. W E Designs (Military Designs)  
  332. Teresa Wentzler  
  333. Westview Designs  Stitch Craft software
  334. Wichelt Imports  
  335. Willow Fabrics  
  336. Winning Designs  
  337. Win-Stitch  Software
  338. Wisteria Cottage  
  339. Wonderful Stitches -F  The Needlework Gazette offers books of stitch patterns.(USA)
  340. Wonderful Things  
  341. Wood-N-Crafts  
  342. Wooly Dreams Design  
  343. Workbench, Counted Cross Stitch  
  344. Wren Song Crafts  
  345. Wyndham Needleworks  


  346. X-pressive Creations
  347. X-stitch
  348. XStitchbuddies


  349. Yarn Corner
  350. Yarn Tree -F  Distributor of needlework supplies and accessories. List of Retail Stores and information about Selling Your Own Needlework Designs.(USA)


  351. Zweigart -F  Fabrics and canvas.

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