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Image File Processing  

3.5 inch disk There are many sources of images available on the internet and from commercial software packages. Artwork can be created using programs such as Corel Draw and Photoshop and exported to or saved as bitmap images.

Many of the kinko's stores have scanners available for rent such that you can scan a photograph and do your own image preparation.

Image files should be in the 256 color format. The size of the image in pixels should be the same as your intended chart. In other words if you want a cross-stitch pattern that will be 80 stitches across, then the image file should be 80 pixels across.

Mac files should be in GIF format on a 3.5 inch disk with High Density (1.44Meg) formatting.

IBM PC files can be in most any popular bitmap format such as GIF, PCX, BMP or TIFF but our preferred format is GIF. Files of type JPG or JPEG can be converted but image quality may be inferior due to the image compression used in this format. Floppy disks should be 3.5 inches in standard formats.

Disks should be mailed using a disk mailing envelope or carefully packaged to prevent damage to the disk.

GIF files can also be sent by email using standard encoding such as Mime, UUE or Bin Hex.

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