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Life is not a destination,
it's a journey.

Further info on cross-stitching,
Kathleen Dyer's Page. Everything about cross-stitching.
Couture's Cross Stitch Place. Tips, Hints, Help and Links.
Treetrunk Designs Lighthouse Alphabet and other Lighthouse charts
Chris O'Donnell's Page. The People, The Stores, The Software...
Lighthouse cross-stitchery. Numerous charts.
Hobby Ware Pattern Maker site. Download free trial version.

Places to find specific charts
Barbs Index. Looking for a specific chart? Over 10,000 to choose from...
Classic Pooh Cross Stitch. Pooh cross stitch patterns.
Couture's Cross Stitch Place Has a chart trading area.
Cross Stitch Traders Trade charts.
Medieval and Fantasy Lady Jylythe's Lair.

Further info on lighthouses,
Keepers of the Light. Mostly U.S. West coast lighthouses.
Carter Alphabetical Index. Mostly Great Lakes, East coast lighthouses.
Linda's Lighthouse Page. Lighthouses from everywhere.
Guiding Lights. Mostly U.S. East coast lighthouses, history and wood model lighthouses for sale.

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