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Michael and Lori  
About Geier's Designs

Geier's Designs welcomes you to an exciting alternative to store bought patterns. We can convert your photo or image file to a counted cross-stitch chart from which you can create a unique piece of artwork.

We are a husband and wife team (Michael and Lori) living in Portland Oregon. Lori's hobby of counted cross-stitch and Michael's hobby of home computers have come together in this venture.

We use the following hardware and software to do conversions:

o Computers: Pentium 200 & Pentium 166 running Win95.

o Scanner: hp ScanJet 4c.

o Printers: hp LaserJet 4000 & Cannon BJC 4300.

o Software: Images are scanned into Aldus Photostyler where cropping, scaling and color revision is done. We then use Hobby Ware's Pattern Maker Professional to create the charts.

Geier's Designs
P.O. Box 2158
Portland, OR 97208-2158

For further information, contact: -- Michael Geier & Lori Geier

We also do web page design.

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